be quiet! Pure Base 600 Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-03-17

The entire process of installing hardware inside PB 600 Window is especially easy thanks to all the space and tool-free mechanisms.

The only drawback we came to (which is only minor) was the cable management. Some of the grommets are in odd locations if you install an ATX system like we have. The 24-pin ATX cable in particular has to stretch further over and keeping the cables tucked in on the reverse side can take some extra time and effort in order to get the side panel back on.

To install devices like the storage, 3.5 drives just need to be attached to the trays and designated screws applied, while a 2.5 drive (like an SSD) can be placed onto one of the two trays and screws just need attaching to the underside as shown in the picture above.

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