be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-10-20

Product on Review: Pure Loop 240
Manufacturer: be quiet!
Street Price: £111 GBP | £95 USD | $150 AUD

be quiet! has always been associated to maintaining a degree of functionality. Their very name endorses this fact and for a number of years regardless of temperature performance figures, their cooling products have always been about achieving low-noise emission.

This month be quiet! stepped back into the CPU cooling game with a brand new set of liquid coolers called Pure Loop. This new lineup offers varying sizes ranging from 120mm, all the way through to 360mm.

Rather than opting for a CoolIT or Asetek designed pump, this time we have a KD Industrial solution – which is decoupled and has shifted from the CPU block to reside between it and the radiator. Pure Loop is destined for users who want a slice of liquid CPU cooling action, without the glitz of RGB lighting and therefore the heavy price-tag.

Have they cut any corners? Let’s find out!

be quiet! On their Pure Loop
Pure Loop is the water cooling unit of choice for all price-conscious users that seek high performance and silent operation. Numerous features like the doubly decoupled pump and the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 fans make the Pure Loop silent and reliable, while the white LED illumination and the all-black design set high standards in appearance.

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