be quiet! Silent Base 800 Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-07-15

The Silent Base 800 Window combines the characteristics of a silent computer chassis with the added bonus of the much sought after preview panel and yet still retains low-noise attributes thanks to a double-glazed design.

There isn’t much to differentiate between the standard Silent Base 800 and this new Window edition, except to note the inclusion of that panel which obviously features in the name. Inside, system builders will discover the same features and layout – so if you’ve already purchase the original case but fancy having a side window then it would be advisable to purchase the Window panel separately from be quiet! for £25 GBP / $30 USD.

SB 800 Window looks aesthetically very pleasing to the eye. The smooth and professional styling compliment a feature-packed chassis which boasts plenty of options for storage and high-end components. We found this case to be capable of housing big CPU coolers and large graphics cards, and thanks to the low-noise fans and noise damping material throughout, noise is kept to an absolute minimum.

There are however a few areas for improvement. SB 800 Window uses a lot of plastic, especially for its external design and the asking price of £100 GBP / $150 USD projects this case into territory with fierce competition from rival options which make use of higher quality material such as steel. Water cooling isn’t necessarily the objective with this case but even so, there are certain limits to the radiators we can fit at the top and front and this case isn’t exactly small on dimensions.

be quiet! has made a sensible move by adding a windowed version of Silent Base 800 to their portfolio. This new case utilises the same features that many love about this chassis but now system builders can enjoy an overview of their pride and joy.

+ Pleasing to the eye
+ Low-noise operation
+ Flexible storage options
+ Can house high-end kit
+ Well-implemented dust filters

- Expensive
- Lots of plastic
- Lacks flexibility for bigger radiators
- Needs more cable hooks

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