be quiet! Silent Base 800 Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-07-15
Packaging & First Look

SB 800 Window arrives in a large, double reinforced cardboard box. be quiet! has styled the packaging in such a way to provide a depiction of the case on the front, with a brief list of the main features. On the sides and reverse there are more details for those who are interested.

Inside, the case is covered in a fabric sheet and held in place with dual polystyrene pillars.

Fundamental to SB 800 Window’s differential is the inclusion of a Perspex window. This window isn’t just a standard preview panel however, be quiet! has implemented a double-glazed technique to deliver better noise reduction – since usually having a window version means noise compromise. This window allows a nice overview of the internal components and covers a large portion of the panel.

Over on the reverse, there is a concave square with a plastic riser. This feature allows the components on the underside to receive some ventilation. The inside of this panel has noise reduction material to keep noise to a minimum.

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