be quiet! Silent Base 800 Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-07-15

At the front of SB 800 Window we have an upper and lower region which are both closed off. Both panels although furnished with a brushed metal effect, are plastic in their construction. Running down the outer edge there are two perforated mesh strips to allow cool air to enter the front of the chassis.

Around the back, there is an opening at the bottom for mounting the PSU and then above this there are seven PCI expansion slot covers each with ventilation cut-outs. Three circular rubber grommets are found above these, and at the top there is a PureWings 120mm cooling fan for the rear exhaust.

Since the front is closed off, be quiet! has given the upper section a panel which is opens out to reveal the 5.25” drive bay covers. The inside of this panel has been layered with some noise reduction material and some rubber pads to provide soft closure. There are a total of four 5.25” drive bay covers, each are removable from the inside of the chassis.

Below this, we again have a removable panel – by pressing two points this panel drops down. On the inside we find some more noise reduction material and an easy to remove dust filter. be quiet! include two SilentWings 2 140mm cooling fans at the front here, they are both configured to be intakes and will bring cool air into the chassis.

Up at the top of the chassis, towards the front, we have two USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks, two USB 2.0 ports, a large power button and activity LED.

Although there are no cooling fans included at the top of SB 800 Window, we have some ventilation strips to aid cooling. These strips will also come in handy should any cooling fans or radiators be installed.

On the underside of SB 800 Window there is a solid panel without any ventilation cut-outs. be quiet! provide two arms which do not come pre-attached – these must be clipped onto the case after taking it out of the packaging. Both arms are colour-coordinated with the version purchase (silver in our case). Both arms have two rubber strips to prevent the case from slipping around on smooth surfaces.

So far, we’ve been impressed by the styling and features included but now next we’ll be moving inside the chassis for a better look at what’s included.

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