BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅03-08-17
If you’re serious about competitive eSports and require a reliable mouse to travel with you, the ZOWIE EC2-A should be given some serious consideration. The PixArt sensor is incredibly reliable, the Huano switches under mouse 1 and 2 provide a nice ‘clunky’ feel, the scroll wheel feels manly and requires genuine force to turn; all of which is encased in a beautiful white exterior.

The lack of driver software may not be for everyone, limiting the adjustability of the mouse quite considerably, though ZOWIE has figured out clever ways around most of this. On the other hand, the mouse is designed for eSports, where the rules generally state that no driver software is to be installed on the PC. Horses for courses.

Unless you’re planning on attending multiple competitive events, you’d be better off looking at a general purpose gaming mouse, the EC2-A is too serious to be used otherwise.

The glossy shell is the only real problem for us, providing a sweaty experience after a short period of time; this might put a lot of users off. The black version doesn’t share the same coating, so wouldn’t suffer from the same problem.

One thing we’d like to see with an eSports mouse is a small pouch to carry it in, preventing any damage or it getting dirty.

For £56.99, you will be hard pressed to find a better driverless mouse; the EC2-A is ideal for eSports and should be thought of as such.

+ Great sensor performance
+ Beautiful design
+ Huano switches feel great
+ Good build quality
+ Excellent driverless workarounds

- Glossy shell gets sweaty
- Thumb buttons feel wobbly
- Lack of carry pouch

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