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Packaging, Bundle & First Look

The GAMING Z170X arrives in well-designed box which is clearly marketed towards the gamer. On the reverse there are details surrounding the core feature-set and technical specifications.

Inside the box there are an assortment of bundled accessories which accompany the motherboard. These items include the following:

• 4 x SATA Cables
• 1 x I/O Shield
• 1 x 4GB USB Flash Drive
• 1 x User Manual
• 1 x Gaming Commander

BIOSTAR include a USB flash drive which contains all the relevant drivers/software as well as the user manual in digital format. We think this is a great idea, especially since all users will have a spare USB port whereas an optical drive may well be absent from system builds nowadays since more and more enthusiasts are choosing to phase them out.

The Gaming Commander is a 5.25” device which adds extra functionality to the front panel. Such options as volume control, CPU temperature indicator, diagnosis LEDs for CPU, VGA, memory. So, if you do have a spare optical drive bay on your computer chassis, Gaming Commander certainly adds in some useful features.

Extracting the motherboard from its packaging, again, the styling on this motherboard are definitely tailored to the gamer. Z170X GAMING utilises a brown PCB and features black and khaki slots (perhaps pointing to military-esque approach). There is also a fair amount of plastic used over the heatsinks which to a certain degree does cheapen the visual appearance.

Overall, our motherboard has decent styling and since we’ve been reviewing BIOSTAR motherboards for a few years now we can certainly vouch for their progression in terms of building aesthetically pleasing products.

GAMING Z170X conforms to the ATX form factor measuring: 30.5cm x 24.4cm.

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