Biostar X470 GT8 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅10-12-18
BIOS & Overclocking
The X470 GT8 uses its own BIOS, with an odd and unintuitive design. We found it difficult to find specific settings, and had overclocking hidden behind a tab labelled “O.N.E”.

We pressed the entire row of F keys, with F12 typically being the screenshot key within a BIOS but nothing worked, including the print screen key, instead option to photograph the display instead.

We messed about with XMP settings, and RAM timings but couldn’t get the system to boot without issue at anything above 2933MHz, on a 3200MHz memory kit. Voltage was set at 1.35v and all timings entered manually but still no luck. Which brings us onto overclocking.


With this being based on the X470 chipset, we expected at least a decent overclocking experience. That, we did not receive. Instead, we found the overclockability to be non-existent. We tried higher than usual voltages, following YouTube guides, the whole hog, to no avail.

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