BitFenix AEGIS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-04-15

BitFenix has built itself a reputation for being bright and lively and the AEGIS computer chassis reinforces this trend. Just like other cases before it, AEGIS is available in a wide selection of colours to appeal to the system builder’s personal taste.

Inside the chassis we found AEGIS was able to host a plethora of hardware; including large, flagship CPU coolers and high-end graphics cards. There is also allocation for different sized radiators and storage drives which will come in extremely handy.

Unfortunately it isn’t all favourable though, since this case comes with just a single cooling fan and closed off front and side panels, the cooling performance is hindered. There are plenty of areas to include more fans but out of the box the thermals aren’t great.

We also found the LCD on this ICON edition to be rather dull. Even after increasing the brightness on our logo the visibility was still an issue.

AEGIS is priced at £79 GBP / $100 USD which places it into an arena with some fierce competition. In this price-range there are a number of prolific cases which use steel/aluminium for their construction. We are reminded that AEGIS does come with some useful features such as the fan controller though!

AEGIS is bright, vibrant and lively. This M-ATX case arrives with some handy features and a spacious chassis to entertain a selection of hardware.

+ Available in a selection of colours
+ Three-speed fan controller included
+ Reservoir/Pump brackets supplied
+ Good clearance for hardware
+ Plenty of storage options

- Poor stock thermal performance
- Lots of plastic
- LCD is dull
- Cable management can be tricky

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