BitFenix FLO Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-12-13
Closer Look

Front view

The ear cups are noticeably slim and we have a suspension style headband, which is good because they are effective in giving good fit and comfort as well as being lightweight.

From the side

On the side we find the BitFenix logo. The earcups and the headband joints are covered in the soft feel surface that we have found on previous BitFenix products. Some love it, some loathe it, but it looks undeniably good. The ear cups themselves are large and surrounded by soft padding coated in 'soft feels surface', it could be PU leather or a completely synthetic replacement.

The headband

The headband is made out of a flexible plastic that features very soft squishy cushions for comfort. This is well implemented and a very good design consideration where some products can over cushion the headband and not focusing enough on the ear pads, this can lead to wasted cost and even have a detrimental effect on comfort, no such mistake made here though.

Dual jack

A complete modular design means we find two female jack ports, one for the audio I/O and one for the microphone.

The BitFenix FLO

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