BitFenix FLO Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-12-13
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
The first impression is that it is pretty lightweight at just 200g and upon wearing, it fits very well and is very comfortable even when wearing glasses for long periods of time. The ear cups should easily fully cover peoples ears and do a good job at passive noise reduction. The head clamp strength is perfect, not too tight and not too weak. The soft feel surface is a little hit and miss, overtime it may wear off and look a little tatty but that isn't a big issue.

Modular cables have become a popular trend due to the increased benefits of being able to replace the cables over time as they may sheer and wear with use, not to mention that it makes for neat and easy storage as well as transferability between various devices such as PC and mobile, because the FLO is fully modular, it can also add to the longevity and robustness of the product. Some may argue that modular cables may 'dirty' an analogue signal but you could also argue that when implemented well, it should have very little negative impact. The included cables are flexible and strong with the BiFenix name printed on the jack ends, which is a nice classy touch.

Throwing on various 'go to' tracks to test the FLO headset, I was actually startled by the accuracy of the tones reproduced. It was instantly clear that BitFenix did not jump into this market naively, but with a BOMB! Soft and creamy bass, clear, sharp mids with crystal high tones, what's more, this headset is incredibly well balanced. If you want good quality monitor headphones, here they are! Listening to various electronic artists such as CRIM3S and Sabrepulse was a exciting and involving, Acoustic music from Clannad and Folkearth was touching and precise while Doom metal by Ahab was deep and powerful. After listening to some Metalcore by Anterior, it could be said that there is a slight preference towards the bass, but nothing beyond the control of a good equaliser.

Gaming was great fun and involving, a few matches on DOTA 2 followed by a little Assassin's Creed IV was very enjoyable, the FLO was competent in handling exciting and tense sound to the slow pace of crowds and leisurely moving around.

Microphone was very good in Skype, described as very natural sounding with little background noise.

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