BitFenix FLO Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-12-13

Some may have thought that BitFenix entering the audio market would be a shot in the dark, when really they were pro snipers armed with night vision goggles that can hit the mark every time. At least the latter is what I would believe after experiencing the FLO. Something not mentioned yet is that the BitFenix FLO can be had at just £49.99 from OverClockers UK, which is sitting at the affordable end of 'midrange' headsets in regards to price. If this is your budget then you would be a fool to overlook the FLO, available in various colours, there should be much appeal and interest from anyone looking for good quality audio.

Downsides are minor and the only concern I can foresee is after a while of 'general storage wear' the FLO could visually look a little tatty as the 'SoftTouch' surface could wear off. Some areas of build quality may seem cheap, however, I would say that it was competent and strategic design compromises. The sound quality matches, maybe even betters, many mid-high end headsets. If your budget is in the £40-80 arena this should be number 1 on your list. The only reason I could understand that people wouldn't choose the BitFenix FLO is for aesthetic or material preference, which in reality should be a low priority when considering audio anyway.

The BitFenix FLO gives clinical precision to audio that punches well above its price tag. Fully modular, good comfort and nice design aesthetic, Nothing less than Gold and our Amazing Value awards will do.

+ Crystal clear 'monitor' grade audio
+ Very Comfortable
+ Lightweight
+ Attractive design and aesthetic
+ Completely modular
+ Quality microphone
+ Price

- 'SoftTouch' surface may wear

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Thanks to BitFenix for providing today’s review sample.

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