BitFenix Neos Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-07-14
Packaging & First Look

Packaging for Neos

Neos arrives in a large eco-friendly box which can be recycled if desired. The front has the BitFenix logo and model name printed whilst the rear has schematic diagrams of the case.

Inside, Neos is concealed within a clear plastic sheet and supported with two polystyrene pillars to ensure safe arrival during transit.

Professional and elegant

Solid side panels

Unveiling Neos we are met by a sleek mid-tower computer chassis. Neos is available in a wide spectrum of options which include the following (ours sample is black/grey):

Black + Black/Gold/Red/Silver/Blue
White + Purple/Red/Silver/White/Blue

There is also the choice of a windowed version too.

Both the side panels and top panel are completely solid steel and without any significant features for attaching cooling fans etc.

On the subsequent pages we’ll move in for a closer look at all the features.

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