BitFenix Neos Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-07-14

The front and back of Neos

Casting our eyes on the front of Neos we can quickly see the entire panel is perforated mesh. BitFenix has intentionally designed the front to have larger mesh holes than usual to aid airflow – if you are going to install fans at the front (none are included). BitFenix include two 5.25” drive bay covers which are also adorned in the same perforated mesh.

Around the back, at the bottom there is an opening for mounting a PSU. Above this there are a total of seven PCI expansion slot covers – all of these covers are disposable and once removed cannot be re-attached. By default the top slot comes without a PCI cover – the reason behind this being that most system builders use the top PCI express slot for graphics card installation anyway. Further up there is a 120mm rear exhaust fan and two circular rubber grommets for cables/tubing.

Detachable dust filter at the front

The fascia at the front of Neos can be unclipped from the chassis and reveals a handy, removable dust filter which covers the front cooling fan spots. BitFenix also include foam cut-outs on the reverse of the fascia to further collect dirt/dust.

2x 120mm cooling fans can be mounted to the front of Neos but are not included.

Front panel connectivity including a single USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

Since the top of Neos is solid and without any distinct attributes, the only noteworthy feature at the top is the front panel connectivity. This includes the following:

• Power button
• Reset button
• Headphone/Microphone jacks
• Power/Activity LEDs
• 1x USB 2.0 port
• 1x USB 3.0 port

On a case which is regarded entry level and low-cost it’s good to see the inclusion of USB 3.0. This port uses an internal motherboard header to operate.

The underside with dust filter

Underneath the case, there are four plastic feet which provide a small amount of clearance from the floor (1.5cm).

Towards the back of Neos there is a detachable dust filter which covers the PSU area. Since the filter has a lever, it can be removed without having to flip the case on its side.

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