BitFenix Prodigy Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-07-12

Continuing a minimalist style, the front of Prodigy is entirely mesh. The BitFenix insignia is found on the front and is metallic. Behind this logo there is a 120mm front intake fan for cooling. At the very top there is 5.25” drive cover for attaching an optical drive.

Around the back at the very bottom there is an area specifically for the PSU. Prodigy houses ATX up to 160mm and offers support for multi-directional placement. Immediately above this is the area where the rear I/O ports will reside and to the right there are dual PCI-Express slot covers, these are ventilated and have thumbscrews for easy removal. Taking up most of the space at the back is the 120mm rear exhaust cooling fan.

Though Prodigy is designed for ITX it’s good to see there is a push/pull cooling configuration – typically found in a M-ATX/ATX/Full Towers.

The front and back of Prodigy

As already mentioned, the front panel controls are found on the right side panel – these ports/buttons have cables running from them so when they are plugged in care must be taken when removing this side panel.

The front panel connectivity consists of:

• 2x USB 3.0 ports (via internal motherboard header)
• Headphone/Microphone jacks
• Activity LEDs
• Power/Reset buttons

The front panel connectivity on right panel

One of the most distinguishing features about Prodigy is the FyberFlex™ Composite handles. These handles have been placed at the top and bottom of the case and offer a convenient way of transporting the system to such events as a LAN party but are also an alternative to rubber feet – so they prevent the case from slipping on smooth surfaces but are also flexible to allow for accidental drops.

The top of Prodigy also features a mesh panel which runs down the very centre of the case. This panel has a switch for easy removal. Upon removing there are mounting holes at the top for attaching dual 120mm cooling fans or even a 240mm radiator – though this case is really designed for small form factor, media centres and HTPC so water-cooling isn’t usually a route many take.

The top of Prodigy with FyberFlex™ handles

Dual 120mm cooling fan mounting holes

The underside as mentioned above also has FyberFlex™ handles for a cushioned and non-slip movement. BitFenix have given the underside a removable dust filter for the PSU. This can be removed without having to tilt the case on its side.

The underside with removable dust filter

In the next section, over the page, we will take a look inside Prodigy.

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