BitFenix Shinobi Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅10-03-11

BitFenix have opted for a cleaner, sleeker more elegant design in the Shinobi. It's style differs from the Survivor and greatly from the Colossus with its brash visuals and flamboyance.

I found Shinobi to have great cable management. You only have to look at the previous pages to see that the entire job of getting components into the case from start to finish is an absolute breeze thanks to cable management cut-outs that are strategically placed within the case. Tool-less mechanisms feature throughout to allow ease of swapping out devices.

The Surivor and Colossus cases from BitFenix have stood out for lacking rear exhaust fans and breaking out of tradition, but with Shinobi we now have a pre-installed 120mm rear exhaust which is pleasing to see. At stock we get 2 pre-installed case fans but there is the option throughout the case to attach a further 5 case fans for increased thermal efficiency.

The only slight niggle I have with Shinobi is the absence of USB3.0 which we see coming to cases now as standard. That said, you still get a plentiful selection of USB2.0 on the front panel - 4 ports in total.

Shinobi Window is priced at 50 GBP / 59 EUR / $69 USD (inc VAT) which makes it a fantastic buy for a mid-tower case. At this price it is in direct competition with Cooler Master's HAF 912 PLUS, the difference with the 912 PLUS being that it incorporates entirely different styling alogether.

The bottom line is, Shinobi is a very roomy, feature laiden mid-tower that is great for cable management and comes at a very attractive price-point. It comes recommended by Vortez.

BitFenix Shinobi will be available to buy in April 2011

+ Elegant styling
+ Spacious, good cable management
+ Lots of fan mounting options
+ Great value for money

- No USB3.0

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