BitFenix Shinobi XL Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-03-12

As you would expect both side panels on Shinobi XL are fixed via dual thumbscrews. The side panels aren’t the cheap type you would find on some cases nowadays but are extremely thick and weighty.

With the side panels removed we get our first glimpse of what’s inside. The eagle eyed amongst you will recognise some similarities with BitFenix Colossus – Infact very little has changed apart from the PCI expansion slot levers. One thing is certain – there are lots of options for HDD storage and cable management has been at the top of the agenda. Overall – a good layout, extremely roomy and should be sufficient for those who are thinking about XL-ATX.

Clean, spacious region inside Shinobi XL

Lots of HDD storage and cable management grommets

Inside there are 4x rubber mounts for the PSU – these are primarily to prevent scratching but also offer some anti-vibration properties too. Underneath as shown, there is a removable dust filter. There are also a further 2x slots at the bottom for mounting dual 120mm fans. The HDD cage must be removed to get access to the other mounting position.

PSU has rubber mounts for seating

Further up there are 9x PCI expansion slot covers each of these have ventilation mesh for better airflow within the chassis and each also come with thumbscrews for easy removal.

Multi GPU possibilities

On the next page we will continue our tour of the internal features of Shinobi XL.

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