CeBIT 2010 - GeIL emerges with a new brand Thortech Power

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-03-10
The GeIL booth was split into two sections. Current GeIL products and the new subsidiary - Thortech. At this booth a giant polystyrene figurine of 'Thor' mythical god of power stood towering over and a sweet collection of power supply units..

All of the products that were featured in the glass cabinets were under the series 'Thunderbolt'. Note that these examples were all engineering samples and are hand built. Fully working, production ready samples will be here come Summer.

The shot below is of the 1400W model and is amazingly small compared to other power supplies of a similar calibre. The opened up example gives a good understanding of how GeIL (Thortech) are able to achieve this, the internal components are designed entirely by GeIL themselves and are not OEM. Heatsinks inside are thinner and lighter allowing the production of the Thunderbolt series to be be physically smaller in size. Thortech actually made the point that they were the only company to have the internals of their power supply units on show, and for such a new venture this is a brave attempt at showing off. They clearly have a lot of confidence in their products and are excited about this new brand.

Another thing worth noting is that every single variant, be it 550W, 650W all the way up to 1400W are all certified as gold, meaning 80+ is fully enforced. It will be interesting to see how these units shape up when they are launched in a few months time.