CeBIT 2011 - Lian Li PC-U6/PC-P80NXW/PC-Z70/PC-C60 and MORE!

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Introduction & Lian Li PC-U6

Lian Li have always been synonymous to quality and elegance. In this market where the growing trend has been towards flamboyant gaming cases trying to appeal to the teenager in some of us, Lian Li is always here to bring much needed class to the industry. At CeBIT, Lian Li were showcasing a range of cases recently introduced such as the much awaited PC-V2120/1020, PC-V354 and HTPC based PC-50 but amongst those were a few unique products that were unveiled at the event.

Lian Li PC-U6

This extremely unique case by Lian Li is reminiscent of the old special edition PC-777 case to celebrate the company’s anniversary four years ago. It was duly dubbed the “snail” for its resemblance to the creature and to most, it departed from the more traditional simplistic design we had grown so accustomed to. While it may have been a marmite case, it demonstrated Lian Li’s ‘outside of the box’ thinking and originality. The PC-U6 is their way to reviving the old concept in the new decade, providing functionality to cater for new standards such as USB 3.0 and 2.5inch disk drives. Despite the shape the full aluminium chassis also brings functionality in the form of 2x120mm fans at the front and a mounting rack for 2x140mm fans on the side.

Next to the behemoth that is the PC-V2120, the PC-U6 shows its distinctive design to contrast to the more minimalistic approach employed by the other cases. The side panel uses a fine mesh to allow air to be extracted from the side.

The interior has plenty of space for the longest graphics cards and several HDDs and SSDs despite its Micro-ATX form factor.

The back has an opening to allow users access to the rear I/O panel of the motherboard.


Model: PC-U6
Case Type: Mid Tower Chassis
Dimensions: (W)219mm x (H)500mm x (D)410mm
Front Bezel Material: Aluminium
Color: Black
Side Panel: Aluminium
Body Material: Aluminium
Net weight: 4.5KG
5.25" drive bay (External) : 1
3.5" drive bay (External) : None
HDD bay: 3
Expansion Slot: 4
Motherboard: Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX
System Fan (Front) : 120mm Fan x 2
System Fan (Top) : None
System Fan (Rear) : None
I/O Ports: USB 3.0 x 2 / E-SATA x 1 / HD Audio
2.5" drive bay (Internal) : 2
Maximum Video Card Size: 310mm

The Special Edition PC-U6 will no doubt make for a perfect HTPC or portable LAN case thanks to its feathery weight and distinct design that holds no compromise in terms of features and practicality,

More information and pictures available on Lian Li’s website.

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