CeBIT 2011 - Lian Li PC-U6/PC-P80NXW/PC-Z70/PC-C60 and MORE!

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Lian Li PC-P80NXW

When the original PC-P80 was released, it was met with mixed reception from avid Lian Li fans. It broke away from the norm and introduced a design that was vast becoming popular in the form of the Antec 1200. It was a bold move in a bid to appeal to the masses but Lian Li was successful in retaining their core principles by using an all-aluminium construction and brushed finish, and ensuring large amounts of space for the modding community to take advantage of. The PC-P80N is an evolution of the line-up introducing a number of features that have become standard on most new Lian-Li cases.

The key differences between the PC-P80N and the original PC-P80 are the new tool-less PCI-e retention brackets, cable management holes in the motherboard tray, a bottom mounted PSU design, 11 expansion slots instead of 10 to meet the demand of the growing number of enthusiast level HPTX/EATX motherboards, and front panel USB 3.0 support.

Lian Li PC-P80 interior

Lian Li PC-P80N interior

The two cases are still identical in size and sport similar fan configurations with the PC-P80N supporting one more fan at the top. The PC-80N promises to be more user-friendly with plenty of opportunities for modding and more space for the enthusiasts to display their multi-GPU setups.


Model: PC-P80N
Case Type: Full Tower Chassis
Dimensions: (W)220mm x (H)633mm x (D)610mm
Front Bezel Material: Aluminium
Color: Black
Side Panel: Aluminium
Body Material: Aluminium
Net weight: N/A
5.25" drive bay (External) : 3
3.5" drive bay (External) : None
2.5" drive bay (Internal) : 2
HDD bay: 10
Expansion Slot: 11
Motherboard: HPTX/EATX/ATX/Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX
System Fan (Front) : 140mm Fan x 3
System Fan (Top) : 140mm Fan x 2
System Fan (Rear) : 120mm Fan x 1
I/O Ports: USB 3.0 x 4 / E-SATA x 1 / HD Audio
Maximum Video Card Size: 390mm

More information and pictures available on Lian Liís website.

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