CeBIT 2011 - ROCCAT Exclusive Preview - 3 new products - Alumic - Kulo - Isku

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-03-11
ROCCAT Exclusive - CeBIT 2011

ROCCAT didn't have a booth at CeBIT 2011 but they were meeting with partners within the business centre. Since we knew they were releasing some new products soon, we thought it would be useful for our readers to see these new products in the flesh and to try and extract some further details to satisfy curiosity. So here we are, 3 new products on the horizon. A gaming mouse pad named Alumic, a stereo gaming headset named Kulo and an illuminated gaming keyboard named Isku. This is exclusive information and first-look photos, so sit back and enjoy!

Alumic Gaming Mousepad

ROCCAT have delivered some great mouse pad surfaces in the past. Previous products in this department have been cloth or plastic coating but ROCCAT have a new mouse pad lined up that features a double sided surface texture so you can choose which side you want to use.

The Alumic pad is constructed of anodized aluminium for extreme durability and a higher plane of quality compared to a great deal of pads currently on the market. Included with the pad is a gel wrist rest to prevent any RSI and ensure that comfort is maintained. The pad itself is 3mm thick with the dimensions: 331 x 272mm. Under each edge there are rubberized feet to prevent movement when pressure is applied.

From the outset this looks to be a fantastic looking mouse pad. Compared to the likes of ROCCAT's rivals, the Alumic should represent a good value for money alternative when comparing similar quality pads - like for like. The Alumic should retail for around 39.99 inc. VAT and will be available very soon. (1-2 weeks - March 2011)

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