CeBIT 2011 - ROCCAT Exclusive Preview - 3 new products - Alumic - Kulo - Isku

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-03-11
Kulo Stereo Gaming Headset

Again, ROCCAT have delivered 2 products within the audio headset department already, the Vire earphone headset and the Kave closed ear headset both are fantastic solutions for an entirely different application but with the new Kulo ROCCAT hope to hit that sweet-spot, right in the middle by offering a headset that is lightweight like the Vire but at the same time offers great audio quality similar to that of the Kave. The Kulo weighs in at just 178g which is extraordinary light for a solution this big.

The Kulo is a headset that delivers a robust audio solution that features breathable on-ear padding for a good balance of comfort and noise cancellation. ROCCAT tell me that the Kulo will deliver excellent sound quality both in terms of bass, treble and other sound characteristics. The Kulo uses 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets and a Mylar membrane that will quantee excellent sound quality through the earphones and mic. Due to this particular variant being non-USB ROCCAT couldn't use a powered configuration for mic muting so instead they decided to use an automatic mic-mute function. When the mic arm is folded beyond a certain point the mic is muted which is a great idea as you will generally only use the mic when it is positioned over the mouth.

As you can see from the below photographs the Kulo can be twisted and pulled yet it still remains intact. Within the headband is a flexible metal-reinforced plate that provides a very robust construction. Even the microphone can be pulled and moved around without any damage being done so this is especially ideal for those who travel to LAN parties with their equipment in their bag for example. It's basically a compact audio headset which is extremely durable that offers excellent sound quality. We are very much looking forward to getting our hands on these

The Kulo will firstly be available in a 3.5mm stereo variant (photographed below) priced at approximately 59.99 inc. VAT and a USB version will soon be available for around 79.99 inc. VAT. Availability is likely to be within a months time (April 2011)

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