CeBIT 2012 - Alpenföhn CPU Coolers Take Centre Stage

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅07-03-12
Alpenföhn Everest

Alpenföhn are held in very high regard by us at Vortez, and we were eager to see the high performance CPU coolers they would be bringing to the table in the coming year. Suffice it to say that when the time came for us to meet them at CeBIT 2012, they didn't disappoint.

Firstly, lets get straight to that triple-tower cooler. The Everest, no doubt so named due to its imposing size and status as by far the largest cooler in their range, is still in the prototype stages. The contact block feeds no less than eight 6mm diameter heatpipes, with the majority of the heat being channelled to the central tower.

Those fans are 140mm in diameter and appear to be a variant of the Föhn 140 Wing Boost, ensuring maximum airflow with a minimum of noise; however as with all parts of a prototype package the fan choice is no doubt subject to change.

The monstrous size and cooling potential of the Everest speak to the intended market: LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-E Processors. The cooler would frankly be overkill on the small and cool Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs, but ideal for the larger SB-E which has a larger die and is significantly more toasty under load.

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