CeBIT 2012 - GIGABYTE live demo Lucid Virtu MVP

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-03-12

Aside from the upcoming 7 series motherboards using the Intel Z77 chipset, GIGABYTE were also presenting a live demo of Lucid Virtu MVP.

Lucid Virtu was a feature used with the Z68 motherboards but had trouble getting off the ground but with the new 7 series Z77 motherboards, features have been developed which could alter the sceptics out there.

For those who aren’t aware of what Lucid Virtu is – it basically allows you to switch between onboard graphics on the CPU – iGPU and a discreet PCI-E graphics card such as an NVIDIA GTX 580.

During our recent visit to CeBIT 2012 GIGABYTE were on hand to deliver an interesting demo of this latest revision of Virtu that will come as standard on all Z77 motherboards. Below is an exclusive look at this demo, giving you a great overview of what Lucid Virtu MVP is capable of.