CeBIT 2012 - ROCCAT live demo Power-Grid

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅10-03-12

Choosing to reveal their products to invited partners, ROCCAT, just like last year at CeBIT 2011 did not disappoint. One of the significant products they were keen to showcase was Power-Grid - a unique software suite that allows the user to monitor and control their computer via a smartphone. ROCCAT's CEO Renι Korte kindly introduced Power-Grid, giving us an overview of its features in an exclusive video interview below!

ROCCAT's take on Power-Grid
Power-Grid is a free app that lets you connect, monitor and control your games and PC without having to leave the action – and all with your smartphone. It comes preloaded with four control displays – or grids. Three feature essential gaming tools. The fourth is completely customizable.

Power-Grid product page - click for more details.