CHERRY MX Board 6.0 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16-06-15
Closer Look

The top half of the construction is a solid, sandblasted piece of aluminium block which looks very sleek. The key caps are high quality laser engraved and smudgeproof, meaning it will stay looking fresh for as long as you can keep its crevices clear from dust, hair and other manner of things that work their way into your keyboard.

On the underside we find 6 non slip pads, as well as feet to increase the angle as required.

The wrist rest links with the main body of the keyboard and offers a large area of softness, not cushion but not plain hard plastic either.

For the moment Board 6.0 comes with Red switches only - no other variants will be available in the short-term but we're hopeful that Cherry will supply an assortment of options as this will ultimately appeal to a wider selection of users.

On the F keys we find some volume and lighting controls, there are 10 steps of lighting including off, there is also a fine tune for the lighting offering subtle increments for your perfect level, there is also a simple on off switch too. On the far right of the board there are some media keys beside the CHERRY key, allowing to lock the FN function to double the F key assignments. There is also the function to deactivate the windows key.

The lighting ranges from very dim to very bright and there are various bi-lit keys which displays blue when a key is locked on, ie caps lock,num lock, scroll lock, as well as the Windows and FN key.

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