CHERRY MX Board 6.0 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16-06-15
Performance Testing


In Aqua's KeyTest, just mashing my hands on the keyboard instantly responded with full NKRO, I did spend a little time trying to fully hold down each key but I grew tired of using my arms and face (maybe I should have invited my neighbour round to help).

Typing and general use felt familiar yet comforting. The quality of the keyboard when typing is as you would expect and considering I rarely use CHERRY MX Red because I tend to end up having so many typos, I found myself more confident with the MX Board 6.0. Maybe its psychological, or simply the confidence in the anti-ghosting capabilities of this board, none of that matters because you just sense the quality and precision at your fingertips. In gaming, the response and precision was smooth and enjoyable and encountered no issues at all. Testing out my typing skills I managed to score above my personal average WPM (words per minute) of 55-60 with a score of 63 first time. The wrist rest proves very useful and comfortable, yet offered a slight annoyance as the mid section would become magnetically unstuck, then bounce back as it bowed away from the magnetic point on the main body, though this is mostly an oversight as it does not detract from its overall function and merely served as a minor distraction.

Generally it is fairly difficult to test the response and performance of a keyboard in a more objective and scientific manner but subjectively our impression is excellent, the MX Board 6.0 gave rock solid and reliable performance in typing and gaming.

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