Cherry Stream 3.0 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅18-04-16

Product on Review: CHERRY STREAM 3.0
Manufacturer & Sponsor: CHERRY
Street Price: UK: 19.99 US: $24.99

In our endeavour to find the latest and greatest in computer peripherals, it can be easy to overlook the cheaper options available to the mass market. CHERRY, renowned maker of mechanical switches, have been a long time player in the keyboard industry and make some of the finest quality products around, for example, the MX Board 6.0.

Though, not everyone is in need of a mighty gaming keyboard, and simply want a good quality keyboard for work/office use, which means lots of typing. At the 20 price point, the market is dominated by Logitech/MS/HP offerings or an abundance of generic tacky gaming type keyboards. The CHERRY STREAM 3.0 comes in as a refreshing reminder that 'cheap' doesn't need to mean 'low quality'. Using whisper silent 'SX' key switches which is a type of membrane switch rated for 20million keystrokes. The keycaps are abrasion proof laser etched to ensure durability, spill resistant, features 6 media keys and is a low profile design.

Overview by Cherry
Robust elegance with laser-etched keys CHERRY STREAM 3.0 never stops working. Specially developed for continuous use in the office: Abrasion-proof inscription of key caps, whisper keystroke, splash water-protected and ultra-flat, ergonomic design.

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