Club 3D HD7970 royalAce Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅05-06-13

Product on Review: HD7970 royalAce
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Club 3D
Street Price: 338.54 inc VAT (at time of review)

In today's climate it would be easy to dismiss the AMD HD7970 in favour of a product from the 'other' side however, with recent advancements in the Catalyst driver suite, the HD7970 has become a serious force to be reckoned with. It had reclaimed the performance crown from the mighty NVIDIA GTX680 and was declared the best card on the market save for the dual GPU solutions from both red and green teams. Fast forward a few months and the GTX TITAN was released however due to the cost, the HD7970 was still seen as the safe bet. In recent weeks however, the HD7970 has two new competitors vying for top spot, the GTX770 and GTX780.

A member of the Poker Series of cards. The Poker Series is Club 3D's naming scheme depending on the speed and cooling of the graphics cards: royalQueen, royalKing and the royalAce which we have today. There is also a royalKnight which is a dual card solution. We will try to resist making corny word associations to poker throughout the review but we also apologise if we slip up from time to time!

So, will the HD7970 with fresh new Cat 13.6 drivers, a factory overclock and a custom cooling design be enough to stave off the new threats from the green team? Read on to find out...

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