CM Storm Recon and Skorpion Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅30-11-12
Packaging & Accessories

The Recon comes packaged in an attractive design that is none too dissimilar with other products from the CM Storm line. The front of the box has the product title along with the main features of the mouse.

flipping the box over we find a detailed specification of the mouse along with the addresses of Cooler Master worldwide, Taiwan, Europe, China and the USA.

A feature I wish all manufacturers of mice would employ is the flip lid design which enables the potential buyer to get a basic feel for the mouse before buying. The CM Strom packaging has this feature with a velcro fastening lid.

There are no accessories to speak of save for a basic but well presented product guide in multiple languages.

The Skorpion packaging is neat and tidy if somewhat bulky. Again, no accessories are included with this product but to be fair, we struggled to think what CM Storm could have added to heighten the appeal without affecting cost.

Let's move on to the products...

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