CM Storm Resonar Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅22-07-14
Packaging & Accessories

Packaging front

The box packaging is attractive and high quality using reflective material for the writing, avoiding that boyish over the top gamer appeal and trading it for a more subtle classy look.

Opened front

The front cover can be opened to view the product inside while revealing information about the BassFX and specifications. The product is laid out in a manner that it shows off the majority of the product at one glance, including the carry case.

Reverse side of packaging

At the back we find a detailed breakdown of all the features.

Included carry case

The firm carry case is good quality and is a welcome addition, certainly will keep things safe on the go!

Included accessories

Other included accessories other than the guidebook and warranty card, you will find the 4pole-3pole splitter, which enables you to use the Resonar on mobile devices as well as with your laptop or PC.

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