CM Storm Resonar Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅22-07-14
Closer Look

The in-line mic

The in-line remote, is more of a 'answer call' button and microphone in one. It is housed in metal, which looks and feels great, though as far as other features such as volume control, you will be without, though this could be a very wise move, in-line remotes can be poor quality, add unnecessary cost and cause a weak point in the design. Not to mention that volume controls for mobiles and even PCs tend to be at their finger tips anyway, adding another branch of command makes little sense.

Dials for the BassFX

The dials take up the whole back end of the ear pieces and seem fairly simple to use, though there is no clear marks stating which way does what. To my understanding, if you are looking at both dials, rotating them to the left activates the BassFX feature.

full aluminium housing

The aluminium housings are very sleek, in a deep gunmetal grey colour, accented by the red and blue the aesthetic is very pleasing and there is little doubt over how robust the chambers will be.

The CM Storm Resonar

All together, the CM Storm Resonar looks great, though consideration is needed when selecting a product like this as the cable length is only 1.3m long, clearly placing its target use with mobile devices.

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