CM Storm Resonar Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅22-07-14

There are some that live by the in-ear, and if you are one of those, the CM Storm Resonar comes in hard hitting. Priced fairly competitively, looks great, feels great and delivered well as a complete package. For music listening, there are some crystal highs and mids to be had with a pleasant bass thrown into the mix. Enabling the BassFX adds a more prominent, albeit, slightly muddier bass that adds depth to gaming.

At this price, the quality and performance of the Resonar is very competitive and there is very little to dislike. Though the vivid blue and red colours may clash with the aesthetic likes of fruit lovers, that little splash of colour does well for the understated mobile gamer. Other things to pick up on, are that the sound isolation, while, good, is not 'great', meaning others around you will certainly hear what you are listening to at high volumes, and you may pick up external sounds at lower volumes. Finally, The BassFX feature could be clearer, as there is no noticeable markings that details which position does what, or a tactile feedback to let you know that it is 'in position'. All things considered, the Resonar comes as a good surprise with little else to ask for, so we present our Vortez Gold.

If you are searching for a lightweight in-ear headset, then CM Storm Resonar is a powerful, agile weapon that shouldn't be ignored.

+ Nice balanced audio
+ BassFX works wonders for games
+ Durable build quality w/ aluminium
+ Carry case
+ Non-tangle cable
+ Light and portable

- Stiff BassFX dials/ no positional indicator

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