CM Storm Resonar Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅22-07-14

Product on review: CM Storm Resonar
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Cooler Master
Street Price: 30-35 inc VAT.

Gaming on the go has become very popular and what better way to support this habit than to use a lightweight in-ear headset. Cooler Master pull out the stops with their latest entry, sporting exclusive 8mm drivers housed in all aluminium. Going the extra mile, they also introduce the BassFX technology that, at a turn of a dial, you can can change the audio signature and bolster the bass for your finest fragging hour. The dial is said to literally move the position of the driver by mechanical means thus in theory changing the audio output properties.

Overview by Cooler Master
The Resonar includes exclusive 8mm drivers with patented Bass FX technology that produces crystal clear sound and powerful bass, allowing the Resonar to fulfill gamers' needs for explosive combat and a wide variety of musical genres. The housing is constructed from high-grade aluminum and is engineered for gamers to offer the finest quality and durability over a long lifespan. Passive noise cancellation is achieved by three different sizes of included rubber ear tips.
The Bass FX technology is achieved by adjusting the magnet position inside each ear bud so no gimmicky software is required to achieve this result. Both modes ensure to provide satisfying audio quality for bass heavy users or for more neutral sound users.

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