CM Storm Scout 2 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-10-12

Product on Review: CM Storm Scout 2
Manufacturer and Sponsor: CM Storm (Cooler Master)
Street Price: Approx. £85 / $99 (at time of review)

Cooler Master’s gaming division – CM Storm have had a very busy year so far. Their varying product categories have been furnished with new additions but computer cases have been relatively quiet. Today we will be taking a look at one such product that falls into this category; a gaming case modelling itself on the popular Scout.

Scout 2 is a mid-tower gaming case with a new and improved facelift. Gone are the dated looks, sharp edges and uninspiring design – instead we have a sleek visual appearance more in keeping with characteristics and styling found on the latest gaming chassis. There have been quite a few changes made between Scout 1 and Scout 2 so let’s begin our review.

CM Storm on Scout 2
CM Storm Scout 2 - The long awaited successor to the infamous Scout is ready to be deployed! The Scout 2 follows a more round futuristic theme and features improved steel reinforced carrying handles, bolted to the core structure. The front console has been upgraded to USB 3.0 for high power charging and lightning fast file transfers, and can be hidden and protected from dusty battlefields, friendly fire and melee attacks behind a slide cover. The 1st HDD cage can now be removed, to support monster VGAs like the NVIDIA GTX 690 and AMD HD 7990, turning it into a powerful Battlestation.

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