CM Storm Sonuz Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅24-09-12

Product on Review: CM Storm Sonuz
Manufacturer and Sponsor: CM Storm (Cooler Master)
Street Price: Approx. £59.99 inc. VAT

It's been a while since we reviewed the CM Storm Sirus 5.1 gaming headset which impressed us here at Vortez. Many gamers however remain unconvinced by the surround sound audio the Sirus puts out so to combat this, CM have developed the Sonuz, a stereo headset with a pair of huge 53mm drivers capable of delivering low bass and high treble thanks to a 10-20,000Hz range. Comfortable yet lightweight, sleek yet powerful, the CM Storm look set to take it to the competition with Sonuz stereo headset.

The Sonuz is aimed primarily at gamers with its lightweight design yet encompassing quality drivers capable of delivering booming explosions and crisp voice reproduction. As we will see though, gaming is not the only area in which the Sonuz is a capable performer. Movies and musical audio reproduction are also important factors that need to be considered if the Sonuz is to compete with the highly contested mid-range headset market.

About CM Storm
Owning the PC trenches for almost two decades, Cooler Master ’s veterans present their scars from battles past as claims of triumph over the competition. United with a new generation of eSports athletes and engineers, now marching under the flag of CM Storm, the time has come to reveal truly ground-breaking, military grade hardware for the gaming revolution.

Through long-standing research programs, CM Storm is co-developed with the world’s most prolific enthusiasts and eSports prodigies. Thanks to intensive testing and continuous feedback, the CM Storm division has been able to encompass and improve upon gamers’ needs and their tough to handle scenarios.

By working directly with the gaming community we have injected our Storm Tactics into each and every product we make. Storm Tactics, with a heavily dedicated focus on Strength, Security and Control, will keep your most vital gear fortified and well tuned at all times.

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