CM Storm Spawn Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-01-11
Packaging & Bundle

CM Storm products are always presented in a professional manner and the Spawn follows on this trend. The product is brought to us in a bright, creative box that leaves little to be desired. The front indicates to us that the Spawn utilises a 3500 DPI optical sensor with 32KB onboard Senintel-X memory. The Spawn differs ergonomically from previous gaming mice from CM Storm by adopting a claw-style design. Over the proceeding pages we will take a look at its design in more depth.

CM Storm Spawn packaging is very attractive and catches the eye

The box actually opens out to reveal further details on the inside panel. Each of the features on the Spawn gaming mouse is highlighted and given an explanation. We also get a sneak preview of the Spawn, showcased behind a clear plastic cover.

Further details and a sneak preview of the Spawn

Inside the package, the bundle is rather thin. We have the mouse itself and a Quick Start Guide. Incidentally, the software that will come accompanied within this bundle was not included with the particular sample we received due to the software being still under development when our sample was sent across. As this is a pre-release review this is understandable. Alternatively we have been given a download link to the software. Those who will be purchasing this mouse should have no concerns about lack of software - a software CD will be included within the retail package.

CM Storm Spawn bundle

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