Colorful iGame RTX 3070 Advanced OC-V Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-01-21

We already know what to expect from the RTX 3070, after already reviewing this GPU and those reading this review will more than likely have a good understanding of what the 3070 can do, but what’s on offering with Colorful’s iGame Advanced OC-V is especially interesting.

Firstly, if we look at the styling and the colour scheme, Colorful has decided to really step away from the cookie cutter designs and have carved out their identity by taking a different approach. We really like the theme, the silver looks superb and very stylish and the integrated RGB lighting is, again, completely different to the competition.

On the performance front this RTX 3070 performs very well and against GIGABYTE’s GAMING OC, it managed to offer slightly better gaming figures. If you’re gaming at 1080p – 1440p then you’ll be able to crank up the eye candy to “ultra” and even enjoy the delights of Ray Tracing (Apply DLSS for better performance). Advanced OC comes with a handy, each to reach BIOS switch on the back panel of the graphics card, from which you can select quiet or OC mode.

We found the thermal solution on this graphics card decent enough – it doesn’t emit much noise during gaming usage and keeps GPU and VRAM temperatures under control without needing exceptionally high RPM from the cooling fans. There is also the added benefit of the zero decibel technology when the system is under light load.

The only thorn in the side for this particular model (and others from Colorful) is going to be the regional availability. To our knowledge this card is primarily available in US/China with one store in Australia also supplying (but currently out of stock). At the moment, Colourful’s product lines aren’t globally available – but pricing should stand at: GBP £550 | USD $579 | AUD $1200.

The Colorful iGame RTX 3070 Advance OC-V is a stunning graphics card and should not be overlooked. You may just not be able to get your hands on it in your country!

+ Truly unique design
+ Impressive RGB lighting
+ Handy dual BIOS switch on rear IO
+ Excellent gaming performance
+ Cooling performs very well
+ Zero decibel technology

- Available in select countries
- Tame overclock

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