Cooler Master CK550 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅24-11-19

Product on Review: Cooler Master CK550
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Street Prices: 64.99 GBP / $89.99 USD / $119.99 AUD

There isn't many keyboards in this price range that can boast that they have true mechanical switches, Cooler Master are lowering the cost of entry here with the CK550.

It's available with 3 variants of Gateron switches, those three being Brown, Blue & Red. Many retailers claim that these switches are widely regarded as the highest quality Cherry MX clones, and that they even improve on the classic Cherry mechanism.

There are some cuts in other areas which have had to happen to allow Cooler Master to get the CK550 available at this price.

There is no USB pass through, no wrist wrest is included and there are no dedicated macro or media keys, the other slight cost saving exercise is the fact that the cable isn't braided and is not removable like it is on the SK650 although there is a large jump in price.

One place where these cuts haven't affected is in the construction materials, the CK550 features plastic and aluminium construction throughout and fully controllable per-key RGB lighting, read on to find out how the Cooler Master CK550 performs.

Cooler Master on the CK550:
NO-NONSENSE GEAR WITHOUT COMPROMISE - Get a straightforward keyboard that performs well on the battlefield with the CK550 Gaming Keyboard. Mechanical switches rated for 50 million clicks will guarantee your keyboard will stay combat-ready during all your long-lasting skirmishes. On-the-Fly Controls allow customization of your settings like RGB lighting and macros in real time, while software lets you get even further customization. Simply put, the CK550 is a capable tool that gets the job done.

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