Cooler Master CK550 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅24-11-19
Packaging & First Look:
The front of the box for the Cooler Master CK550 shows us a front profile shot of the CK550, along with a sticker informing you of which switch the Cooler Master CK550 is equipped with and there is a useful cut out above the directional keys, this is good to include when Gateron switches are relatively unknown to the wider market and allows potential users to get hands on with them before purchasing.

The back of the box has another profile shot of the CK550 and goes into a couple of the unique selling points of the keyboard.

Inside the box the keyboard comes covered in a hard plastic cover to help prevent any damage in transit, however it would be nice to have some foam around it to give us a bit more peace of mind.

Included in the box is a quick start guide along with a key cap puller which isn't of the plastic variety, which is great considering they can scratch the key caps if you're not careful.

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