Cooler Master CK550 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅24-11-19
Overall the CK550 is one of best entry level mechanical keyboards we've tested but there are a few pain points that need to be considered.

A quick search shows that the keyboards that include a wrist rest are more pricier than the CK550 but there's no excuse we can provide that justifies the exclusion of height adjustable legs.

This is a problem we called out on the SK650 when we tested it and it's a similar conclusion here, these need to be included to ensure maximum compatibility with the majority of user's typing positions and while the inclusion of a wrist rest would bump up the price somewhat we feel that it would be a worthwhile increase as we found that the keyboard was uncomfortable after a short period of time without one.

Putting the above to one side for the time being, the performance of the keyboard is great and we're a big fan of Cooler Master's latest choices in the aesthetics department. As with the SK650 the CK550 would not look out of place in an office although the noise may be a mitigating factor here.

The RGB lighting is excellent due to how the LED is positioned on the switch, it sits between the switch and the key cap which means there is more room for the light to escape which makes them appear brighter and more vibrant

With all that Cooler Master has achieved with the CK550 we'd like to award it our amazing value award

+Great Looks
+Build Quality
+Excellent Typing & Gaming Performance
+Great RGB Lighting

-No Height Adjustable Legs
-No Wrist Rest

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