Cooler Master COSMOS 2 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅10-02-12

Product on Review: COSMOS 2 Ultra Tower
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Cooler Master
Street Price: £339.98 inc. VAT (At time of review)

Cooler Master have been producing and designing computer cases for 20 years and with such a long spell in the industry have come to attain plenty of experience. Their products are revered by enthusiasts the world over and we are here once again to look at one of their newest and much anticipated computer cases from the COSMOS series.

The new COSMOS 2 is deemed the flagship of Cooler Master, defined as the ‘ultra tower’ this computer chassis brings style and luxury to a much loved series that hasn’t seen a new addition for many years. It’s fair to say that the community has been eagerly awaiting the COSMOS 2 for some time, so join with us over the series of pages as we check out this new chassis.


Cooler Master’s take on COSMOS II
The COSMOS 2 Ultra Tower features a streamlined design accentuated by a pair of distinctive handles like no other. The smooth, brushed aluminum touch of the side panels unlock and swing open like the doors of a luxurious race-car. Hidden behind the front slide cover lies a stack of hot-swappable drive bays. The black interiors provide enough space for oversized XL-ATX System Boards equipped with 4 double width graphics accelerators. A second slide cover on top hides the Advanced Control Panel to manage up to 10 fans and their respective LED lights. The combination of its elegant looks, numerous expansion options and features make the COSMOS 2 a “Dream Case”.

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