Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅27-08-12
Packaging & First Look

Elite 120 Advanced arrives in a plain, eco-friendly box. The front has an illustration of the case along with it’s essential features. The sides and back of the box details the technical specifications. Inside, Elite 120 Advanced is covered in a clear plastic sheet and held in place with polystyrene pillars.

Eco-friendly packaging

Elite 120 Advanced is middle of the line with its styling. It has both elegant and rugged characteristics. Rather than have removable side panels as is traditional with computer chassis, this case has a one piece steel cover – this conceals the sides and top of the case. Both sides have identical areas marked out for ventilation. As Mini-ITX computer chassis go, Elite 120 Advanced is very compact compared to some of its rivals, measuring in at 240 x 207.4 x 401.4mm and weighing a mere 3.3KG!

A clean look with elegant and rugged characteristics

Ventilation on either side

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