Cooler Master GX 550W Power Supply Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-03-10
The power supply unit is one of the most important aspects of any system and even more so to the owner of a gaming, enthusiast or system builder. Buying a substandard \'no-frills\' PSU will only hold you back and could even mean having to recover fried components should it blow (and trust me they do). With the GX from Cooler Master you can rest assured you have invested in a quality bit of kit. 5 years warranty should justify this.

It may be in the budget range of units but it boasts some fine engineering. It had no trouble powering the moderate gaming system I installed it in, and under 100% load quietly operated with no disturbances.

Others have criticized its inability to harness a modular design, but we have to remember that this is in a different genre and for this its priced differently. Cool Master have other units in other ranges such as the Silent Pro (and now Silent Pro Gold) which are modular and thus these units are priced and aimed at a different set of buyers too. I believe the GX 550W which has an estimated price of 60 is extremely good value for money when you look at the other contenders in this bracket. Not a lot of them offer you a 5 year warranty.

For a bit of fun check this out: //

The Cooler Master GX 550W has a lot going for it and if you are in the market for buying a new PSU then I would advise looking at the GX series. For the above reasons this unit receives the Silver award.


+ Affordable
+ Plenty of power on the 12V rail
+ 5 year warranty
+ Great performance


- Voltages fluctuated 1V on the 12V when testing
- Cable ties would have been a nice addition

Thanks go to Cooler Master for providing this sample. Discuss this review on our forums


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