Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅25-02-12
Closer Look (Continued)

The size of the base

Interestingly, the base of the TX3 EVO is exactly the same size as the IHS of the i7 920 processor at 32x34mm, making it perfectly suited to cool one of the largest CPUs around.

The front of the 92mm fan

The single 92mm fan provided with the Hyper TX3 EVO operates between 800 and 2200RPM through PWM functionality and in my case extended its operational speed to 2500RPM. This makes for a quieter than the 2800RPM one bundled with the original Hyper TX3. The fan is characterised by its ‘S’-shaped blades like the 120mm variants bundled on the larger Hyper coolers. The fan uses sleeve bearing to reduce costs. Its black frame and dark translucent blade make for a very attractive design.

The back of the fan

Looking at the back, we see that the frame is held by 4 arms branching out from the rotor.

The four pin header

The fan features a four pin header for PWM functionality allowing users to customise the fan speed based on temperatures, an impressive feature for such a small, low cost fan. The cable is made of four grey wires stuck together for a neat, non-braided finish. Installing the fan requires two plastic adapters to be screwed onto the fan so that it can simply be clipped onto the heatsink. This method, whilst somewhat more time consuming than typical wire clips, proves very effective at securing the fan and makes fan installation onto the heatsink a breeze. To do so, simply use the provided screws to attach the two fan brackets, and cover them using the rubber pads. Unfortunately, the brackets are limited to 92mm fan mounting holes only.

Mounting the fan

To mount the fan, simply press the brackets into place and they should latch into the side heatsink grooves. Taking them off requires a bit of effort but an easy way to do so is to simply slide the brackets upwards out of the grooves.

The cooler installed

For once, we have a cooler that doesn’t tower over the motherboard significantly and more importantly, it doesn’t take up a lot of space giving users plenty of space to work around.

Memory compatibility

Not surprisingly, the Hyper TX3 EVO has absolutely no conflicting issues with adjacent memory slots allowing modules of any size to be installed.

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