Cooler Master JetFlo Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅22-12-13

Product on Review: Jetflo 120 PWM Fan
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Cooler Master
Street Prices: £9.99-11.99 UK, $14.99-16.99 US

Cooler Master is introducing a new kind of bearing to the world of computer fans: their “Fourth Generation” bearing, made of POM -- polyoxymethylene. This bearing promises smooth running and long life at a low price. Cooler Master began their innovation by replacing the bearing of an old standby, the Sickle Flow fan, and calling it the Sickle Flow X. With this first of the POM bearings introduced, Cooler Master did not change anything else about the fan. Having taken this step, Cooler Master then produced the Jetflo, an entirely new fan. This fan comes with several innovations that Cooler Master advertises, and two very important features they say little about!

Today we will explore both fans, taking them apart and looking at those bearings. We will also examine the performance of both fans.

Cooler Master has been with us more than 20 years, selling heatsinks, fans, cases and accessories. They have explored many possibilities over the years, including these fans. The Sickle Flow X is a prototype fan. You can find specimens on sale in varying packages at various places here and there. The Jetflo is a full-fledged product in production and marketed for sale all around the world. Cooler Master says this about their Jetflo fan:

JetFlo 120 was created to be a single, no compromise solution to cooling computer systems. Designers and engineers focused on “Performance”, “Style”, and “Silence” as core principles that should be tuned and brought to the forefront of the JetFlo 120 experience.

(From the Cooler Master Jetflo product page.)

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