Cooler Master JetFlo Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅22-12-13
A close look at the new 4th Generation bearings
Cooler Master provided extra fans specifically to be torn apart so their bearings could be inspected. Your intrepid editor did exactly that. Below is a pair of pictures that show a copper sleeve bearing from a standard Sickle Flow on the left, and the POM bearing from a Sickle Flow X on the right.

The Jetflo bearing is more sophisticated. In this picture, adapted from a drawing by Cooler Master, the orange is the POM part.

Nice drawing. As built, the black POM cylinder is hidden in a brass shell. The parts are press-fitted, and the whole bearing assembly is made of bits that are unaffected by water and dust.

Jetflo POM bearing next to its motor

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