Cooler Master JetFlo Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅22-12-13
Jetflo Close Up
The Cooler Master Jetflo has several features that bear a close look. The exhaust face of the fan reveals the shape of the fan blades, and their color-free translucence. Working outward, the frame is flared at the corners, but cut away on the sides where it might come in contact with another surface. Clearly, care was taken to avoid vibration being conducted from the fan to whatever it might touch.

The corners of the fan are rubber, with holes that go straight through. The exhaust sides of the corners are contoured to hold the fan free of any surface it is attached to.

Jetflos screw holes allow attachment to a radiator. On the intake side, rather than contouring the shape of the corners, the screw holes begin on a nub elevated enough to keep the Jetflo clear of touching on the intake side.

Jetflos attached to rad with M4 machine screws

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