Cooler Master Masteraccessory MP750 Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅20-11-18
Performance Testing

Starting with the MP750 is pretty much the same as most other USB products as it only requires a spare USB port, and of course some space on your desk. As the MP750 has on-the-fly controls you donít necessarily need software, but you can download it if you own more Cooler Master peripherals and you wish to sync them together.

Using the MP750 daily has been like any other mousepad weíve tested and used in the past. The LED strip around the border doesnít really impact its use at all which is great as there is no adjustment period. The one thing we did note with the in-use experience is that the stitching on the LED strip is a bit rough and can cause some rubbing against your wrist.

The on-fly-control worked really well, and at the press of a single button, you can cycle through the different colours and effects without having to install any software. This could be a double bonus for some as the idea of having more software might be a bit of off-putting thing, so itís nice that Cooler Master has included this to cover a broader base of potential owners. The water repellent feature is also handy to have, especially if youíre somewhat accident prone, then you can somewhat safely get liquid on the MP750 without causing too much damage. Now the repellent coating only applies to the cloth surface and not the control module, so we canít be 100% sure that the module is waterproof or not, so caution around it would still be advised.

One thing we did observe is that the cloth surface was not the smoothest weíve ever used, we arenít sure if itís the water-repellent addition or something else, but the surface is fairly rough which causes any mouse you use to not glide as smoothly as some other pads weíve used. Itís still quite smooth, but not the most so. On the plus side, there is plenty of surface real estate and means youíve got plenty of room to move your mouse around without bumping into anything. The module at the top doesnít also take up much room and is off-set to the side so that itís not obstructing your mouse cable.

For gaming, we noted that the surface was better for precision than speed as the surface is on the slightly rougher side. This means your mouse doesnít move as freely as with some other pads, this could work in your favour as you may prefer that extra precision over quicker movement. The pad is still capable of being used for faster movements, but we noted we had to bump the DPI slightly. In all fairness, the DPI increase was only quite small, but that small increase did make a noticeable difference. So if you prefer a really smooth, slick surface, the MP750 may not suit your needs. The underside grip found on the MP750 is really good and the pad stayed planted throughout our testing, this is reassuring as it doesnít move around at all, even when youíre in an intense firefight.

The illumination on the MP750 is decent at best as the lighting is far from perfect. As there are only two LEDs, the lighting is really bright in the top left and right corner, this then reduces the further away from the LEDís it gets. This means that again itís really bright in places, and not so much at the edges furthest away from the lighting source. Colours are fairly nice, and they have decent levels of vibrancy and saturation. The effects also look okay, but again they are sort of let down by the really bright areas.

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