Cooler Master Masteraccessory MP860 Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅10-10-18
Closer Look

As the Masteraccessory MP860 is dual-sided there are two sides with two different materials, one of these sides is cloth and the other is Aluminium.

Taking a look at the cloth side first and you’ll note that there is an area in the top right that is plastic, this section is utilised for the branding which just so happens to be an RGB zone. This does add to the aesthetic but as a consequence reduces the size of the usable surface area.

Flipping the MP860 over reveals the Aluminium side that has a much larger surface area. This side also has some branding in the top corner, but this time it’s not RGB.

In the centre of the MP860 there is the cable point, this area is very small, and we like this approach as it doesn’t interfere with your mouse cable at all.

Round the edge of each side is a rubber lip, this provides a small amount of grip and helps to prevent the MP860 from moving when in-use.

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